To meet the new Brazilian demand of large infrastructure construction works, Timbro has developed an area focused on this segment with a highly qualified technical team. Our objective is to serve our customers from various sectors, creating synergy in all process ends.


Steel Industry:

We import and distribute flat and long steel. We offer on-demand and prompt-delivery services.



We are partners of the world’s largest manufacturer of airport fingers, with know how obtained in large projects in Brazil. We import and distribute the whole infrastructure for airports.



In the railway sector, we import and distribute rails and machines for permanent ways.

Machines and Equipment:

In machines, we are specialized in importation of all types of equipment, such as cranes, derricks, racks, concrete pumps, forklifts, yellow-line products, among others.


We manage all process phases, from reduction of import taxes, purchase schedule, shipping coordination, issue of CAT (Certificate of Adaptation to the National Legislation of Traffic) and LCVM (License to Use the Vehicle or Engine Configuration).


We also offer funding conditions through our partnerships with large banks for import leasing.