The largest modular beam in use in Brazil

Timbro, in partnership with a Brazilian company specialized in transportation and handling (heavy lift) of heavy and large loads, imported and offered in the national market the MODULAR BEAM STB – 1000, which uses cutting-edge technology and is manufactured by a German company, to be coupled to conventional and/or Power Booster self-propelled hydraulic modular trucks, with max. 704 tires.


The MODULAR BEAM STB – 1000 is the beam with the largest load capacity in the world for road transportation, and it may bear max. 1,000 tons, according to its configuration.


This beam was developed to fulfill a new global market of industrial equipment production, that is, more complete and heavier equipment line, which makes the new load parameters increase from 350 tons to over 500 tons.

This beam modularity and construction flexibility allow its assembly to fulfill the configuration and technically adapt to the load, becoming operationally viable for road transportation of loads from 300 tons to 1000 tons, respecting its geometric design.


The new beam geometrically and structurally allows to heavy load transportation and creates a new logistic model for loads above 300 tons for infrastructure sectors, such as: energy (transformers, turbines, generators), chemicals and petrochemicals (reactors, vessels, columns and other industrial equipment), mining, pulp and paper and oil & gas.


That was a great challenge to the trading, a complex operation in both logistic and Customs aspects, involving a detailed coordination from pre-shipping to nationalization and equipment delivery. As it is a new product, with no similar item in Brazil, we’ve developed innovative solutions for the importation at the Port of Vitória.